Industrial Solutions Servicing 6.3 Million Oil Tools Around the Globe

A pioneer and leader in protective coating systems directed at improving machinery and component operational performance and increasing productivity.

We are dedicated to providing corrosion, erosion and wear solutions in any industry.

MATRIXX Protective Solutions Inc. and Pumpguard Coatings Ltd. have provided innovative coating solutions to a wide range of Industries and Customers to address corrosion, erosion and wear concerns. We have the operational history that marks over 6.3 million oil tools in the ground around the globe.

We are dedicated to creating and sustaining end results that make a marked difference in performance by providing world class coating solutions and innovative processes that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Continual research and practicing innovative techniques in the field have made us a proven resource.

Customers trust us to meet the following commitments:

  • Provide effective solutions to meet metal corrosion failure and wear issues
  • Follow customer specifications
  • Integrity in dealing with customer confidentiality
  • Meet customer delivery requirements
  • Respecting customers’ parts and returning them in the same condition with which they were received

As a part of our commitment to quality, MATRIXX Protective Solutions Inc. and Pumpguard Coatings Ltd. have a NACE Certified Inspector on site and all of our staff work united to provide continuous improvement.


Comprehensive inspection services and quality control programs ensure the highest possible standard of compliance with NACE, SSPC and ANSI industrial application standards for coating and blasting services.

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Matrixx provides custom high-quality protective coatings to treat metal parts, tools, and components to help prevent corrosion, erosion, and wear issues. Matrixx has been the oilfield engineer’s choice for improving machinery, equipment maintenance and operational performance since 1998.

Our Solutions Process

We provide custom coating and metal-hardening solutions to meet metal corrosion failure and wear issues for industrial engineers and procurement managers in the Oil and Gas industry. Our flexible approach can match your timing, QA and delivery requirements.


Thomas Wright
President / Owner

Val Chisholm, CMA
Chief Executive Officer

NACE Coating Inspector Level 1 – Certified , Cert No. 302301

Bebeth Bello, CMA

Christa Haller
Logistics Coordinator


Our range of coatings provide protection for hostile environments and extreme wear conditions. Custom designs with proven coatings can be provided for regional corrosion and erosion solutions. From prevention of flow plugging to reduction in scale deposition, our coatings enhance the performance of your equipment.

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