Polymer Coatings (Teflon)

Teflon: Pumpguard™ Family of Exclusive Coatings

The Pumpguard™ family of coatings is suited for all hostile environments and provides protection for service with scale deposition, nuclei-site formation, high build, dielectrics, volcanic, steam, geothermal, rubber, chemical environments and extreme wear conditions.

Matrixx provides coating solutions for all wetted parts and completion tools. The coating of assembly pieces prevents flow plugging, lowers the coefficient of friction, prevents porosity within the substrate, reduces scale deposition & nuclei-site formation and generally enhances the performance.

Matrixx also provides custom coatings for your regional needs.

  • Pumpguard I™ – a thin film Fluoropolymer resin coating designed for petrochemical applications in downwell service. This engineered coating is designed for sand & silica abrasion and has very good chemical resistance properties.
  • Pumpguard II™ – a thin PF resin coating designed for scale & asphaltine environments with very good chemical resistance properties.
  • Pumpguard III™ – a high build PF resin coating designed for more aggressive downwell environments with excellent performance in either abrasive or scale applications.
  • Pumpguard V™ – a very thin PF resin pioneered for threaded surfaces and components with tight engineered tolerances. Contains a bonded lubricant, MOS2, for bearing surfaces exposed to extreme pressure environments of up to 150,000 PSI.
  • Pumpguard VI™ – an innovative and exclusive polymer coating designed to protect rubber and plastic components.
  • Pumpguard VIII™ – designed for high build and extreme chemical protection, also provides a dialectric barrier of 2KV/mil.
  • Pumpguard IX™ – designed for cryogenic environments and higher temperature service.

Safety & Quality Assurance

Comprehensive inspection services and quality control programs ensure the highest possible standard of compliance with NACE, SSPC and ANSI industrial application standards for coating and blasting services.

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